Our company is named after the magnificent American Kestrel, a predatory bird known for its fierce intensity, swift speed, and small lightweight body. Kestrel Knives was founded in 2011 with the intent of providing the outdoors market with a style of knife that had yet to be seen. A knife so light it would go unnoticed. A knife so sharp it would exceed expectations. Kestrel's mission is to bring you premium quality knives that out perform all others. Our priority is ensuring that you have a tool you can rely on, even in the most demanding of environments.


     Here at Kestrel Knives we are obsessed with the knives we create. We feel that living in an age of mass-produced, volume-driven brands we must set ourselves apart from the pack. Most knives are needlessly thick and heavy. We set out to change that and focused on making a knife that blew away all others in weight, steel quality and functional simplicity. As hunters and backpackers ourselves, we understand the need  for a knife that doesn’t weigh us down,  can keep an edge, and cut well. The added weight and obtuse edges on most outdoor knives does nothing but hinder us on the mountain. To maintain high performance slicing capabilities, Kestrel knives are intentionally thin. Our knives are made from the highest quality steels to ensure sharpening won’t be required until after the adventure is over. By partnering with a world renowned, heat and cryogenic treatment company, we ensure that the correct characteristics are brought out in each knife. Without the proper heat treatment, knives made with even the best steels can fall short of expectations, leaving users with an under performing knife.     


     By bucking the traditional retail model, we are able to offer a consumer-direct American made knife at a competitive price. It also allows us to use steels not commonly seen in the knife world. Our knives are designed, tested, and finished by hand in Northern California. They are proudly made for those who take the road less traveled and relentlessly pursue the art of adventure.


     Since inception, Kestrel Knives has established itself as the premier ultralight knife company and has quickly become a mainstay in backpacks around the world. Relentlessly tested and endorsed by hunting guides as well as ultralight hikers, our knives are a trusted brand within the hunting and backpacking community. Known for their simple design and incredible light weight, the knives are a favorite among those who demand a knife that gets the job done.